How to share formulas

In this section, you will find how to share formulas on Ritchie.

How to share?

Once a formula repository has been published, other users can add it locally from its URL to access its formulas.


To add a new repository on Ritchie, it is necessary to run the command:

rit add repo

Once the repository has been added, Ritchie will use the selected release on the repository to access the available formulas.

rit add repo command demonstration

If the formula repository is private, the user will have to inform his Github / Gitlab token.

To check the new added formulas command, you can run the rit list repo command to check your new repository, and then run the rit --help command to take a look at new formulas groups that will appear.

Next steps

On this section, you saw how to share a formula on Ritchie. To keep configuring the formula:

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