How to create formulas

In this section, you will find how to create formulas on Ritchie and test them.

How to create?

Step 1: Run the formula creation command

Run the following command to create a formula:

rit create formula

Then, you'll have to inform those inputs before running the formula:

  1. The command (following the pattern rit + group + verb + noun to respect the tree pattern).

  2. The formula's programming language.

  3. The path used to save formula's files.

Example: rit demo create formula

Example of running rit create formula command

Step 2: Test your formula

You can test the formula directly after its creation. That's possible because the rit create formula command also builds the formula automatically (it generates the formula's executable files and add them on .rit folder).

In that case, the formula "Hello World" template will be executed as shown below:

Exemplo demo de fórmula "Hello-World"

This template is composed of 4 inputs parameters, that represents the currently available kinds of inputs to use Ritchie:

  1. A sample text variable

  2. A sample list of text variables

  3. A sample boolean variable

  4. A sample password variable

When you finished the formula creation and you execute the command, the formula will be built for the first time and the execution files will be sent to a specific repository according to the name of your workspace.

Example: if we have a workspace with the name Default.


A repository associated to this workspace will be created on the /home/user/.rit/repos folder, and added on the repositories.json file.

"provider": "Local",
"name": "local-default",
"version": "0.0.0",
"url": "local repository",
"priority": 0,
"isLocal": true

Next steps

On this section, you saw how to create a formula on Ritchie and test it. To keep configuring the formula:

👉 Go to implement a formula to understand how to edit the files Ritchie creates after formula creation.

👉 Go to build a formula to see how to continue the tests on the formulas you create.