How to build formulas

In this section, you will find how to build formulas on Ritchie.

This functionality is no longer available from Ritchie's 2.5.0 version. From now on, a formula build is automatically made on your CLI: a local repo file will be created as soon as you implement the formula to host it. If you're using a previous version just follow the instructions of this section.

How to build?

After creating a formula, if you want to edit the code of the formula, it's necessary to build these changes to test the command with the new implementation.

To do so, just run the command:

rit build formula

You must inform:

  • The directory's path where the formula is located.

  • The formula's path to be builded (the formula's command).

In case you want to update the formula's code in running time, you can use the flag “--watch” as shown in the command below:

rit build formula --watch

Next steps

On this section, you saw how to implement a formula on Ritchie. To keep configuring the formula:

👉 Go to publish a formula to see how to transfer your work to a public repository.