How to use credentials as formula inputs

Once a provider's credential has been set, it can be used as input in the formula's config.jsonfile. To do so, it is necessary to use the reserved keyword:CREDENTIAL

When used as an input, the credential will contain 2 fields:

  • The name is the variable used to extract the input and manipulate it inside the formula's code.

  • The type is the specific nomenclature for the CLI to now which credential to use.

The type needs to respect the following pattern:CREDENTIAL_PROVIDER_VARIABLE

For example, to be able to use GITHUB credentials as input, you need to inform them as follows in the formula's config.jsonfile:

"inputs": [
"name": "git_user",
"name": "git_email",
"name": "git_token",

If you have any doubt regarding the provider's variable names, you can check the credentials you've set using the following command:

rit list credential

With GITHUB, it will return something like this:

github default {"token":"***************", "email":"***************", "username":"***************"}

Next steps

You saw in this section how to deal with credentials on Ritchie.

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