How to add providers

You can also configure Ritchie to add new providers on your workspace.

To do so, just choose "Add a new" option when running the rit set credential command.

? Select your provider Add a new
? Define your provider name: Provider_Name
? Define your field name: (ex.:token, secretAccessKey) token
? Select your field type: secret
? Add more credentials to this provider? no
? token: *****
✔ Provider_Name credential saved!

The informations that will be requested are:

  • Provider name: name of the new provider. You name it according to your preference.

  • Field name: name of a credential from this provider.

  • Field type: value type of this credential. It can be: plain text or secret.

Once you finished this configuration, you set up this credentials following the same instructions you saw above.

This provider, as well as its informations, will be permanently saved on Ritchie. You can also add as much providers as you want.