Level 4: API

In this section, you will find a step by step to call API services using Ritchie.


Create a formula on Ritchie that will return the address datas from a ZipCode.

Command suggestion: rit brazil get address


This formula needs to contain (at least) this input parameter:

  1. zipcode (ZIPCODE).

In Brazil we use a CEP as a ZipCode. Here is a suggestion of an API that return the address datas from a CEP to carry out the formula implementation: http://viacep.com.br/

Step by step

The formula needs to follow the next steps:

  1. Validate the ZipCode input format.

  2. Call a service to get the address datas from the ZipCode.

  3. Convert address datas to JSON format.

  4. Return the result on the terminal.

Improvement suggestions

If you want to play a little more, here are some suggestions:

  • Code a formula which will allow the user to get the ZipCode by entering address datas.\

Next steps

👉 If you've completed the fourth challenge, let's go to the level 5 task!