In this section, you will find initial information about Ritchie before delving into the product.

What is Ritchie?

Ritchie is an automation tool which allows to create, store and share automation efficiently and securely with a team or with the whole community.

What does Ritchie do?

The tool allows you to create formulas that, in other terms represent programs and/or commands that will facilitate your daily programming work. Ritchie works as a single formulas repository.


Ritchie is a cross-plataform CLI. For more information on how to install, just choose your operating system below:

Programming Languages

Ritchie has been developed using the Golang language.

However, formulas can be written using any programming language.


Ritchie works with any tool you could use for automations.

How does Ritchie work?

The tool allows you to create formulas that, in other terms, represent programs and /or commands that will facilitate the daily programming work.

In general, the common process for executing a project is to create a whole previous infrastructure, defining a language in the system that will be programmed, downloading dependencies and defining the rules that should be used for the project.


With Ritchie, it's possible to define this configuration using a formula, creating this infrastructure directly by a command line, which in this case will delivered all the structure of the project with all files automatically configured. That helps on avoiding an important time spent on infrastructure and configurations.

WITH Ritchie