Basic 2

In this section, you will find a step by step to use credentials on Ritchie.

Basic 2: Credentials


Create a formula on Ritchie that will return a JSON with Github credentials.

Note: The tutorial is to configure those inputs inside the config.json file, but run the formula without informing them as prompt or stdin (they will be extracted automatically). You’ll find all the informations you need in the how to manipulate credentials tutorial section.


This formula needs to contain (at least) those two inputs parameters:

  • Username (RIT_GIT_USER).
  • Token ( RIT_GIT_TOKEN).

Step by step

The formula needs to follow the next steps:

  1. Extract all inputs parameters.
  2. Consume the GitHub api to get the user data.
  3. Return the result on the terminal.

Improvement suggestions

If you want to play a little more, here are some suggestions:

  • Develop some Github operation by manipulating these credentials.
  • Code a formula which will allow the user to create a repository on Github.
  • Code a formula which will allow the user to add, commit and push using only one command.
  • Code a formula which will allow the user to generate a release of the informed Github repository.

Next steps

👉 If you’ve completed the second tutorial, let’s go to the intermediate task!

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