Core commands

In this section, you will find more details about commands that can be used though stidn.

Core commands with STDIN

Here are the JSON used to run Ritchie’s core commands through stdin.

General commands

rit init

echo '{"addCommons":true, "sendMetrics":true, "runType":"local"}' | rit init --stdin

rit tutorial

echo '{"tutorial":"enabled"}' | rit tutorial --stdin

Repo commands

rit add repo

echo '{"provider":"Github", "name":"repoName", "repoUrl":"", "token": null, "priority":1, "tag"="2.2.0"}' | rit add repo --stdin

rit update repo

echo '{"name":"repoName", "tag":"2.2.0"}' | rit update repo --stdin

rit delete repo

echo '{"name":"repoName"}' | rit delete repo --stdin

Formula commands

rit create formula

echo '{"formula":"rit demo create formula", "lang":"shell", "workspacePath":"/users/dennis/home/ritchie-formulas", "formulaPath":"/demo/create/formula"}' | rit create formula --stdin

rit build formula

Environment commands

rit set env

echo '{"env":"envName"}' | rit set env --stdin

rit delete env

echo '{"env":"envName"}' | rit delete env --stdin

Credential commands

rit set credential

echo '{"service":"provider", "type":"type", "credential": {"username":"credentialUsername","token": "credentialToken"}}' | rit set credential --stdin

rit delete credential

echo '{"provider":"provider"}' | rit delete credential --stdin

Core commands without STDIN

Some core commands don’t need the stdin flag to be executed as they don’t have any input parameter to inform:

  • rit upgrade
  • rit --version
  • rit completion
  • rit list repo
  • rit list credential
  • rit show env

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