List of commands and flags

In this section, you will find the list of Ritchie’s main commands


Configuration commands

rit initinitialize Ritchie before use
rit upgradeupgrade to the last Ritchie stable version
rit tutorialenable or disable the tutorial
rit –versionreturn Ritchie currently installed version

Repo commands

rit add repoadd a new repository (to access repository formulas with Ritchie)
rit list reposhow a list with all your available repositories
rit update repoupdate all repositories (to access new formulas from those repositories with Ritchie)
set repo-priorityset a repository priority
rit delete repodelete a repository (to remove access to the repository formulas with Ritchie)

Formula commands

rit create formula

create a new formula from scratch

(as well as a new local repository if necessary)

rit build formulabuild a formula locally for test
rit build formula --watchbuild a formula monitoring the code to update real time changes
rit list formulalist all available formulas from specific/all repositories

Autocomplete commands

rit completion zshadd autocomplete via zsh
rit completion bashadd autocomplete via bash
rit completion fishadd autocomplete via fish
rit completion powershelladd autocomplete via powershell

Env commands

rit set envset a new environment
rit show envshow the current environment used
rit delete envdelete a environment

Credential commands

rit set credentialset new credentials for the context
rit list credentiallist all credential names and fields

Workspace commands

rit list workspacelist all formula’s workspaces
rit add workspaceadd a new workspace
rit delete workspacedelete a specific formula’s workspace


Main flags

–defaultattribute the default values configured on the formula.
–dockerrun a formula using Docker
–helpreturns a list of executable available commands and flags for the user
–localrun a formula locally
–verboserun a formula without log details