You will find in this section the main questions about Ritchie.

About Ritchie

What is Ritchie?

Ritchie is an open source framework that creates and tweaks a CLI for your team. It allows you to easily create, build and share formulas. Check out more here about Ritchie

What does Ritchie do?

Ritchie creates automation commands to improve the operational developers' experience and brings beneficial such as:

  • Simplify repetitive and easy-to-execute tasks
  • Reduce the rework
  • Promote more time for the development team to focus on their deliveries.

Installation and Use

How to install Ritchie?

You can follow the installation step by step according do the operational system you’re using. Check out more in installation section.

How to create a new formula on Ritchie?

Using the command rit create formula , you can create formulas using any programming language. Check out more in create a formula section.

How to create formulas on an existing repository?

Follow the next steps:

  1. Clone the repo;
  2. Add the repo with rit add workspace command;
  3. Add the new formula with rit create formula command and implement it.

How to run formulas?

You can execute your formulas locally or through Docker. Check out more in run a formula section.

How to build formulas on Ritchie?

When you run a formula, a build is automatically made, you don’t need a command to do that.

How to update a formula from a repository?

Follow the next steps:

  1. Locally clone the repo;
  2. Add the repo with the rit add workspace command;
  3. Now, update the workspace.

How to execute a formula from a repository?

Use rit add repo command to add the repository.

How to publish formulas on Ritchie?

You can publish a formula by creating a Github’s, Gitlab’s or Bitbucket’s repository and adding a release version of this formula. Check out more in publish a formula section.


How to submit my formula on community’s repo?

You just have to open a pull request on ritchie-formula’s repository with your formula suggestion.

How to contribute?

You can contribute with improvements, suggestions or reporting bugs on ritchie-cli’s repository. That’s the process you should follow:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Create a branch: git checkout -b <branch_name>
  3. Implement your idea
  4. Commit your implementation: git commit -m '<commit_message>'
  5. Push your branch: git push origin <project_name>/<location>
  6. Open a pull request on the master branch for analysis.