Initialize CLI

In this section, you will find how to initialize Ritchie CLI.

Step 1: Initialization

Run the following command to initialize Ritchie:

rit init

This command will ask the user three questions:

  1. If he wants to contribute anonymously to Ritchie metrics.
  2. If he wants to add the community formulas locally.
  3. If he wants the default formula execution method to be local or through docker.

Then, the command execution will create all the necessary configuration’s files.

Step 2: Verify Initialization

1. Commons repository

If you added the community formulas repository, you can check it by using the following command:

rit list repo

This command will return all formulas repositories the user has access locally.

2. Ritchie folder

You can then check the .rit folder has been created on your $HOME directory.

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