Run Formula

In this section, you will find a path to how run formulas using Ritchie.

How to run formulas?

There are two ways to run formulas on Ritchie :

  1. Locally
  2. Using Docker

It’s good to reinforce that the default formulas execution method is defined during the initialization step with the rit init command. You can change this setting by running the following command:

rit set formula-runner

1. Locally

To run a formula locally, it is necessary to have installed on your computer the formula programming languages dependencies used to create the formula.

Example: a formula written in Node will need Node installed on the computer, so it will be able to run locally.

2. Through Docker

All formulas can run regardless the programming language used from the moment you have DOCKER installed and running.

3. Local & Docker Flags

You can force Ritchie CLI to execute a formula with a specific method using flags.

  • The --local flag will execute a formula with locally (if the default method is Docker).
  • The --docker flag will execute a formula with Docker (if the default method is local).

4. Containers with Ritchie

Next steps

On this section, you saw how to run a formula on Ritchie. To keep learning:

👉 Go to Hello World formula to see different ways to run a formula on Ritchie.

👉 Go to the create formulas section to understand how to create your first automation with Ritchie.

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