Publish formulas

In this section, you will find how to publish formulas on Ritchie.

How to publish?

There is a formula on Ritchie that allows the user to create and/or update a formula repository on Github/Gitlab.


Publish your repository

A formula has been created on the community repository to perform:

  • The initialization of a local repository on Git (if necessary).
  • The creation of the repository on Github/Gitlab.
  • The release generation of a new version of the repository.
  • The addition of the repository to Ritchie local repositories (rit add repo command).
rit publish repo

The user has to inform 5 different kinds of inputs:

  1. The provider (Github or Gitlab)
  2. The repository's privacy
  3. The repository's name
  4. The local repository path you wish to publish
  5. The release version to generate

Publish manually

To publish a formula manually, you need to push it on a Github/Gitlab repository, following these steps:

  1. Have an exclusive repository for formulas on Github / Gitlab.

    It can be created from the a local repository, or based on a cloned repository.

  2. Add your formulas to the repository Using the rit create formula command, or copy / paste folders

  3. Commit and push the new code to the Github/Gitlab repository.

  4. Generate a new release of the formulas repository.

Next steps

On this section, you saw how to publish a formula on Ritchie. To keep configuring the formula:

👉 Check out how to share formulas.

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