Use credentials as formula inputs

In this section, you will find how to set credentials as inputs.

Once a provider’s credential has been set, it can be used as input in the formula’s config.jsonfile. To do so, it is necessary to use the reserved keyword:CREDENTIAL

When used as an input, the credential will contain 2 fields:

  • The name is the variable used to extract the input and manipulate it inside the formula’s code.
  • The type is the specific nomenclature for the CLI to now which credential to use.

For example, to be able to use GITHUB credentials as input, you need to inform them as follows in the formula’s config.json file:

"inputs": [ 
        "name": "git_user", 
        "name": "git_email", 
        "type": "CREDENTIAL_GITHUB_EMAIL" 
        "name": "git_token", 

If you have any doubt regarding the provider’s variable names, you can check the credentials you’ve set using the following command:

rit list credential

With GITHUB, it will return something like this:

github  	 default	  {"token":"***", "email":"***", "username":"***"}

Next steps

You saw in this section how to deal with credentials on Ritchie.

👉 Check the commands list to see the available automations on our community repo.

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