Add providers

In this section, you will find how to add providers.

You can also configure Ritchie to add new providers on your workspace.

To do so, just choose “Add a new” option when running the rit set credential command.

? Select your provider Add a new
? Define your provider name: Provider_Name
? Define your field name: (ex.:token, secretAccessKey) token
? Select your field type: secret
? Add more credentials to this provider? no
? token: *
✔ Provider_Name credential saved!

The informations that will be requested are:

  • Provider name: name of the new provider. You name it according to your preference.
  • Field name: name of a credential from this provider.
  • Field type: value type of this credential. It can be: plain text or secret.

Once you finished this configuration, you set up this credentials following the same instructions you saw above.

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